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The changing landscape

The changing landscape of pharmaceutical medicineExamine the sweeping changes taking place in pharmaceutical medicine including a new code of conduct, federal regulations and industry changes designed to improve drug companies' standards and elevate their performance.

Now available without

Now available without a prescription - FDA makes more drugs over-the-counter - includes related articles on Nicotrol and RogaineFor those who yearn to break their cigarette addiction but don't fancy a trip to the doctor's office, the ability to get the nicotine patch without a physician's prescription may be just what the doctor ordered.

FDA ensures equivalence

FDA ensures equivalence of generic drugs - Food and Drug Administration - includes related articles on bioequivalency and filling prescriptionsWhen Stuart Addison goes to the pharmacy in Margate, Fld., he has the pharmacist fill his prescriptions with generic drugs. Addison. a retired federal government auditor, is one of many Americans who are choosing genetics when they buy drugs.

Pharmaceutical industry issues

Pharmaceutical industry issues its plan for voluntary clinical trials registryIn the face of bad publicity and impending restrictions, trade groups representing pharmaceutical companies have proposed a voluntary plan for using a clinical trials registry as well as results databases by midyear.

Acne Rosacea Symptoms Causes Treatments

Acne rosacea is a skin condition characterized by reddish discoloration of the facial skin, particularly in the area of the cheeks, forehead and the nose. It is usually found in fair skinned adults, and is often mistaken for acne. The tiny blood vessels under the skin dilate and give the appearance of "blushing". While pimples may occur with acne rosacea there are no whiteheads or blackheads. At first the redness may come and go, but if untreated it will continue to worsen, with pimples and permanent flushing of the face.

Extreme cases of acne rosacea that have not been treated can lead to disfigurement of the nose and puffy cheeks. Cosmetic surgery is the only way to repair this severe damage. Acne rosacea may also cause a gritty feeling in the eyes that, if not treated, can lead to impaired vision. Acne rosacea can occur in men or women. Women tend to get acne rosacea more often than men, but men have more severe symptoms than do women.

Causes of Acne Rosacea One of the most frustrating things about acne rosacea is that there is no known cause. There are many suggestion as to the origins of rosacea such as: - Emotional factors that cause blushing or flushing of the face may trigger acne rosacea. - Changes in the weather may cause acne rosacea to occur. - Sun exposure generally worsens the condition. - Mites or certain bacteria may cause the initial outbreaks of acne rosacea.

- Some medications for heart conditions that are used a vasodilator may bring about the onset of acne rosacea. Treatments Available It is important to remember that acne rosacea is not the same as teenage acne, and will not respond to over the counter acne treatments. These treatments are more likely to further irritate the skin and cause a worsening of the condition. The most successful treatment of acne rosacea includes: - A strong oral antibiotic that gradually decreases to a maintenance level. - A topical cream that is applied regularly to the affected area. This cream usually will contain antibiotics in conjunction with cortisone or a prescription acne mediation.

Things to avoid/moderate - Minimize skin exposure to the sun. - Avoid or minimize smoking - Moderate alcohol consumption - Avoid spicy foods As promised - you now know what acne rosacea is, what causes this condition and how it can be treated/controlled.

Mike Singh is the publisher of On his website, he shows how to cure a pimple and articles about acne causes and treatments.

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