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The changing landscape

The changing landscape of pharmaceutical medicineExamine the sweeping changes taking place in pharmaceutical medicine including a new code of conduct, federal regulations and industry changes designed to improve drug companies' standards and elevate their performance.

Now available without

Now available without a prescription - FDA makes more drugs over-the-counter - includes related articles on Nicotrol and RogaineFor those who yearn to break their cigarette addiction but don't fancy a trip to the doctor's office, the ability to get the nicotine patch without a physician's prescription may be just what the doctor ordered.

FDA ensures equivalence

FDA ensures equivalence of generic drugs - Food and Drug Administration - includes related articles on bioequivalency and filling prescriptionsWhen Stuart Addison goes to the pharmacy in Margate, Fld., he has the pharmacist fill his prescriptions with generic drugs. Addison. a retired federal government auditor, is one of many Americans who are choosing genetics when they buy drugs.

Pharmaceutical industry issues

Pharmaceutical industry issues its plan for voluntary clinical trials registryIn the face of bad publicity and impending restrictions, trade groups representing pharmaceutical companies have proposed a voluntary plan for using a clinical trials registry as well as results databases by midyear. - RSS Channel - Health delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.

A campus vending machine dispenses Plan B pills

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 17:50:55 GMT

Students at UC Davis can now press A4 for Plan B.

Henrietta Lacks: Her cells, her legacy

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 13:22:42 GMT

Her story took decades to become known. It was one Henrietta Lacks never realized was coming.

Frozen hash brown recall due to possible 'extraneous golf ball materials'

Sun, 23 Apr 2017 10:11:50 GMT

FDA: Texas lethal injection drugs must be destroyed?or exported?

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 18:14:50 GMT

Execution drugs delivered to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the Arizona Department of Corrections must be refused and either destroyed or exported within 90 days, according to court documents filed on Thursday.

Aaron Hernandez's brain to be examined for CTE

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 20:51:15 GMT

The family of Aaron Hernandez plans to donate his brain to scientists to determine whether he had Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, the degenerative brain disease linked to a number of NFL athletes.

Should you take statins? Two guidelines, different answers

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 17:56:28 GMT

10-year-old boy with autism arrested at Florida school

Sat, 22 Apr 2017 20:29:54 GMT

A 10-year-old boy with autism spent the night behind bars after being arrested on charges of assaulting his teacher, CNN affiliate WPBF reported.

FDA warns against codeine, tramadol for children

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 19:46:50 GMT

The Food and Drug Administration says medications containing codeine or tramadol should not be given to children, and warns that these drugs could cause serious risks including difficulty breathing and death.

Norway's snow kiting battle with the wind gods

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:29:13 GMT

Snow kiting is as exciting as it looks. Speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. Leaping 80 feet up in the air and gracefully soaring distances as far as 500 feet before landing back on frozen terra firma.

Does apple cider vinegar have health benefits?

Wed, 19 Apr 2017 21:35:41 GMT

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular natural health products around, with claims for everything from sanitizing toothbrushes to whittling waistlines. But how much of its popularity is based on hype? Could you be wasting your time or -- even worse -- harming your health?

Ad with transgender mom stirs debate on human rights

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 01:44:12 GMT

An advert challenging the norms of a traditional family in India has gone viral, with more than 9 million views on YouTube.

Secretary Tom Price wants to fix US healthcare

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 10:51:01 GMT

While President Donald Trump insisted Congress repeal Obamacare within his first 100 days, the legislation was rushed, according to his Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Tom Price, and that's why the Republicans failed.

Diet sodas may be tied to stroke, dementia risk

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 20:53:50 GMT

How one county slashed sugary drink sales

Mon, 06 Mar 2017 17:15:03 GMT

Advertising shapes behavior, a truism given new life by a recent anti-soda campaign. A county in the heart of central Maryland aimed a three-year onslaught of TV ads, digital marketing, direct mail, outdoor ads and social media against sugary beverages. This campaign, which was accompanied by policy changes and community outreach, helped reduce sales of sweetened beverages, according to a study published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Freshman posed as med student to treat patients at Denver hospital

Sat, 22 Apr 2017 16:59:39 GMT

Florida releases experimental mosquitoes to fight Zika

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 19:56:22 GMT

Thousands of mosquitoes infected with the Wolbachia bacteria were released in an area of the Florida Keys this week, in hopes of a new approach to control the disease-carrying female Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits Zika virus, Dengue fever and Chikungunya.

What elite athletes can teach us about pregnancy

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 19:36:10 GMT

The mammals that can survive without oxygen

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 18:32:08 GMT

One of the world's most bizarre and remarkable animals is surprising scientists once again.

Britain's young royals open up about mental health

Sat, 22 Apr 2017 08:44:07 GMT

It is rare for the Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, to speak candidly on film. But in a video released Friday, Kate talks openly with her husband and Prince Harry about mental health and the importance of discussing mental wellbeing.

Protesters march worldwide in support of science

Sun, 23 Apr 2017 00:34:20 GMT

Teacher under fire for 'bathroom pass' genders

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 18:24:08 GMT

A New Mexico teacher's bathroom passes are being calling "inappropriate" and "rude" because of how they depict gender.

Arkansas executes death row inmate Ledell Lee

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 21:47:28 GMT

Arkansas executed convicted murderer Ledell Lee, the state's first inmate put to death in more than a decade.

How to cut the price of prescription drugs

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:00:35 GMT

If the new FDA director wants to reduce health care costs, he should promote policies that increase drug competition, remove unnecessary regulations and eliminate taxes that are ultimately passed on to consumers, Scott Atlas writes

What happens to your brain when you give up sugar

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 09:03:35 GMT

Anyone who knows me also knows that I have a huge sweet tooth. I always have.

Measles outbreak surging in Italy

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 15:47:56 GMT

An outbreak of measles is spreading across Italy, with more than 1,600 cases of the disease reported in 2017, across 19 of the country's 21 regions.

How 4/20 became 'Weed Day'

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 10:58:12 GMT

There is something in the air today. Maybe you've noticed.

The new 'Fin' that propels amputees in the water

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:26:45 GMT

Amputees will have the opportunity to purchase, as early as this summer, a first-of-its-kind underwater prosthetic leg called "the Fin."

Study: 30% of kids have two or more sugary drinks a day

Thu, 26 Jan 2017 09:10:17 GMT

A new study sheds light on just how many calories and added sugars children are drinking.

Fearless boxer finds new life after health scare

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:11:47 GMT

Behind Andre Rozier's bright smile is an iron will to win.

Michigan doctors charged in first genital mutilation case in US

Sun, 23 Apr 2017 03:19:12 GMT