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The changing landscape

The changing landscape of pharmaceutical medicineExamine the sweeping changes taking place in pharmaceutical medicine including a new code of conduct, federal regulations and industry changes designed to improve drug companies' standards and elevate their performance.

Now available without

Now available without a prescription - FDA makes more drugs over-the-counter - includes related articles on Nicotrol and RogaineFor those who yearn to break their cigarette addiction but don't fancy a trip to the doctor's office, the ability to get the nicotine patch without a physician's prescription may be just what the doctor ordered.

FDA ensures equivalence

FDA ensures equivalence of generic drugs - Food and Drug Administration - includes related articles on bioequivalency and filling prescriptionsWhen Stuart Addison goes to the pharmacy in Margate, Fld., he has the pharmacist fill his prescriptions with generic drugs. Addison. a retired federal government auditor, is one of many Americans who are choosing genetics when they buy drugs.

Pharmaceutical industry issues

Pharmaceutical industry issues its plan for voluntary clinical trials registryIn the face of bad publicity and impending restrictions, trade groups representing pharmaceutical companies have proposed a voluntary plan for using a clinical trials registry as well as results databases by midyear.

Acne Scar Removal Cream Acne Scars Treatment

Acne, the thorn in adolescents' side leaves behind many consequences. One of the most terrible outcomes of this traumatic skin disorder is acne scar which would always affright you with the unpleasant memories of adolescent acne. Those unsightly blotches often devastate the self-esteem of acne sufferers which many teenagers and adults find hard to rebuild for years. In America 85% of teenagers get affected by acne and 25% of them experience permanent scar. Fortunately nowadays many treatment procedures including acne scar removal creams are available in the global market which helps to wipe off this physical and mental stigma once and for all.

We get scar mainly due to the damage of our skin tissue. They are the perceptible upshots of injury and tissue repair after a ravage of acne. In case of acne our skin pores get clogged up with sebum (body oil), dead skin cells, and Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. If left untreated these infected blocked pores sometimes turn into severe form of acne lesions which calls for our natural immune system to intervene with its repair kits. The whole restoration process results in acne scars which tear up our face and other body parts with pocked dents or keloid like growths. Many acne sufferers who have developed acne scars in the later stage want to avoid the hassles and expenditure of high-cost surgical and other physical techniques.

For them acne scar removal creams could prove to be a windfall from medical science. These creams usually contain 4% niacinamide as key ingredient. Niacinamide is the active form of vitamin B3 or niacin. This is found to be quite effective in reducing acne scars caused by hyperpigmentation. This chemical enhances production of skin's natural moisturizing agents thereby helping to diminish fine lines, red blotches, and irritation caused by the acne scars. The anti-inflammatory property of this medication destroys the bacterial proliferation at the acne sites healing them at a faster rate.

Bioskincare cream compiled with exclusive natural and vital ingredients works like wonder for awful disfigurements. This natural solution induces the production of glycosaminoglycans which enhances the capability of skin to hold back moisture content within itself. This helps to get rid of filthy scars as early as possible reviving a healthy, fresh, and toned skin. Acne scar removal creams are undoubtedly helpful to cure your bad marks, but it would take a long time to achieve the optimum result.

It is also true that a cream might not be effective for everyone. It is therefore up to you to find out the right medication for your skin type. It is preferable to consult your doctor before you go for any acne scar removal medication.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for Acne Treatment. She also writes articles for Blackheads and Acne Home Remedies.

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