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The changing landscape

The changing landscape of pharmaceutical medicineExamine the sweeping changes taking place in pharmaceutical medicine including a new code of conduct, federal regulations and industry changes designed to improve drug companies' standards and elevate their performance.

Now available without

Now available without a prescription - FDA makes more drugs over-the-counter - includes related articles on Nicotrol and RogaineFor those who yearn to break their cigarette addiction but don't fancy a trip to the doctor's office, the ability to get the nicotine patch without a physician's prescription may be just what the doctor ordered.

FDA ensures equivalence

FDA ensures equivalence of generic drugs - Food and Drug Administration - includes related articles on bioequivalency and filling prescriptionsWhen Stuart Addison goes to the pharmacy in Margate, Fld., he has the pharmacist fill his prescriptions with generic drugs. Addison. a retired federal government auditor, is one of many Americans who are choosing genetics when they buy drugs.

Pharmaceutical industry issues

Pharmaceutical industry issues its plan for voluntary clinical trials registryIn the face of bad publicity and impending restrictions, trade groups representing pharmaceutical companies have proposed a voluntary plan for using a clinical trials registry as well as results databases by midyear.

Massage Chairs Perfect Solution For Massage Therapy Better Health

Massage therapy has been used for centuries to treat pain, help with relaxation. Available to the retail market since 1980's, massage chair provides a great range of solutions for massages and comfort. What is a massage chair? Like a masseuse, the massage chair is capable of providing various massage techniques such as Shiatsu and Swedish massage.

Massage chairs are made of parts that can replicate hand motions of a masseuse. Earlier models of massage chairs were not very effective. But as technology developed, the mechanisms became more realistic and reliable. While a massage chair may not be able to simulate the total therapeutic benefits of a massage by hand, at the very least, it provides massage motions that are consistent. You can choose operations on the remote for stretching, compression, kneading, rolling and sometimes tapping. Stretching muscles by having a chair roll and knead across your body is a great way to ease soreness and sometimes even relieve spasms, as well as stress and tension.

Massage chairs can be small with just a few different programs or they can be the more expensive models with as many as 8 programs plus an extensive manual operation. Both preprogrammed and manual operations are usually controlled on a remote, which is very easy to use. Benefits Of Massage Chair Massage is also credited with boosting the body's immune system through the stimulation of reticular cells. Like a traditional massage, the massage chair is designed to reduce tension, reduce headaches, relax muscles and alleviate pain. Massage chairs are thought to help sufferers of digestive problems, circulation problems, and chronic fatigue.

- They are designed to reduce tension and pain in the back or neck. - With the help of a massage chair, your blood pressure will remain normal. - They also increase the flexibility in your body. - They come with different levels of massage, so you can adjust it according to your comfort level. - They are also the sign of luxury and status. - Anyone can use a massage chair, whether they are aged 80 or 5.

They are not made for any specific age group. Massage chairs not only work to give physical comfort, but also work on psychological factors of a person to give relaxation. The basic aim of massage chairs is to reduce tension, and make your mind and body relaxed and comforted. Having a massage chair at home where you can use it every day to relieve tension and soothe aching muscles could be one of the best investments you make.

With increased technology and rising consumer demand, the price of good quality massage chairs should continue to drop. This will result in a massage chair becoming more affordable to more families. In time to come, perhaps, the massage chair will no longer be considered a luxury item.

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